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Retired Oklahoma College researcher suggests how geothermal heat pumps save energy and enhance air quality
Are you aware that Gerald McClain, after numerous decades working with geothermal energy master James Bose at Oklahoma State College, has designed an innovative home geothermal cooling and heating solution? Heat pumps work like a fridge in reverse, they normal ... (more)

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Norwin Commissions Petaluma, California Wind Turbine
Norwin America LLC, Wind Turbine Manufacturer, has commissioned a 29-Stall-225 Kw Wind Turbine in Petaluma, California. Norwin's pioneering client is the McEvoy Ranch, renowned for its award winning Tuscany Olive Oil and Nursery. (more)

World's biggest geothermal turbine crawls into Taupo
The massive equipment which is at the heart of the new Nga Awa Purua Geothermal Power Station, north east of Taupo, has inched its way through forest roads at night to its new home. (more)

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USA: Funding Options for Renewable Energy Power Plants
Business taxpayers who place in service facilities that produce electricity from wind and some other renewable resources can choose one of three options to fund the project: a tax credit based on the amount invested, a tax credit based on the energy produ ... (more)

Tax Credits for Home Energy Efficiency Improvements Increase
Homeowners can get bigger tax credits for making energy efficiency improvements or installing alternative energy equipment. The IRS also announced homeowners seeking these tax credits can temporarily rely on existing manufacturer certifications or approp ... (more)

ISH 2009: solutions for the sustainable use of water and energy
At the ISH – The World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies – in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 March 2009, the industry will show how two valuable resources – water and energy – can be used in buildings in a sustainable and cost-saving w ... (more)

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First Solar Photovoltaic Installation on Emory University Campus
A small array of six solar photovoltaic (PV) modules has been installed on the roof of a job-site trailer of Holder Construction Company on the campus of Emory University in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. The solar panels help power the construction of Emory’s New Psychology Building at 36 Eagle Row. This 1000W solar PV system, supplied to Holder Construction Co ... (more)

Bye Bye Standby will save the average office £32 per employee per year
Businesses are responsible for approximately 40 per cent of the total carbon emissions in the UK. Today, a product has been launched to help UK businesses do their bit for the environment, and make vast savings on electricity bills. Bye Bye Standby Office is a simple plug-in energy control system, which is ideal for most work environments. The launch comes ... (more)

Three Household Gadgets to Help You Conserve Energy
There are three simple household items, for instance, that can result in impressive energy savings. Water Heater Blankets Specially-fitted insulated water heater covers, known as water heater blankets, provide a great low-effort way of conserving energy. (more)

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Ricardo helps develop next-generation wind energy
Massachusetts-based wind energy company General Compression and its compressor technology partner Mechanology are using Ricardo’s automotive engineering and development expertise to develop technology which aims to make wind power as reliable as conventional power. With energy security and global warming at the very top of the political agenda in all parts ... (more)

Coskata: partners with ICM for cellulosic ethanol plants
Coskata, Inc.  announced a strategic alliance with ICM, Inc. to design and construct a commercial ethanol plant using Coskata's biological fermentation technology. ICM is North America's leading ethanol plant design, engineering and support firm. (more)

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DHL Uses First Wind-Propelled Cargo Vessel to Make Delivery to South America
The MS Beluga SkySails, the world's first cargo vessel with the innovative SkySails towing kite system, is being used for a commercial transport for the first time. It will carry the first parts of a complete particle board factory from Bemen to Venezuela on b ... (more)

Green Money-Saving Website: No Excuses
From today, all homes and businesses can benefit from free energy audits, thanks to OneWorldEnergy, in a bid to change consumers' approach to being green. OneWorldEnergy (, which launches online today, is the first green one-stop-shop for homeowners and businesses to receive simple and honest advice, and purchase everything relating to gr ... (more)

Wood Pellets - A Good Choice for Heating
Many building owners use fossil heating fuels, such as oil or propane, for space heating. These fuels are often expensive and unstable in pricing, and are threatening the global climate and sustainability of communities. (more)

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Install A Tankless Or Solar Water Heater To Save Energy Costs
Stanton Homes, a Triangle area custom home builder, today offered a list of local manufacturers and vendors for purchase and installation of tankless and solar water heaters for homeowners and new home buyers interested in finding a way to save energy costs and reduce reliance on electricity or natural gas. “Heating water takes up to 25% of the energy needed ... (more)

Biogas at IFAT 2008: Optimisation strategies in all areas
Right across the spectrum of producing and processing the input material, fermentation and then the creation of electricity and heat, there is still plenty of scope for innovations and efficiency improvement in the use of biomass. IFAT 2008, which takes place from 5 to 9 May 2008 in Munich, will for the first time be including the new focal theme of biogas, ... (more)

Abengoa Bioenergy to focus on greenfields, not acquisitions
Ethanol producer Abengoa Bioenergy is likely to focus on greenfields in expanding its current production capacity. That is what Chief Executive Officer Javier Salgado told Ethanol Statistics in a exclusive interview. (more)

Will the UK House Building Industry rise to the Carbon Challenge?
The Government recently announced the launch of their “Carbon Challenge” which aims to create five zero carbon or near carbon developments throughout the UK in order to provide working examples to the building industry. It is estimated that homes currently produce 27% of the UK’s 40 million tonnes of annual carbon dioxide emissions. This makes home energy sa ... (more)

Biofuel Market Attracting the World's Eyes
The leading market research consulting services company RNCOS has recently released an exhaustive report “Biofuel Market Worldwide (2007-2010)” to present a rational analysis of the global Biofuel market. The report expects the biofuel market to grow at a CAGR of 13% by the end of the year 2010. According to the report, the primary reason for the increased ... (more)

Solar energy calculate the sunshine your residence receives
Buying real estate is now no longer just a choice made with your heart. It seems clear that in the future, all of us will someday have reason to turn to renewable energies, such as solar energy. So when you buy your house or apartment, how do you know if this investment can be exploited for an ecological heating system? What is the optimal orientation and lo ... (more)

Biofuel Market Worldwide (2007-2010)
RNCOS released a report on "Biofuel Market Worldwide (2007-2010)” that provides an updated and detailed overview of the world Biofuel market. It rationally examines the emerging trends in the worldwide biofuel industry and provides exclusive forecasts and region-wise snapshots of different product categories across the world. The report "Biofuel Market Worl ... (more)

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Silicon Solar SunMaxx hot water heater
Solar hot water heaters have been around for centuries providing millions of people with hot water for various applications. With the improvement of technologies in this industry, solar hot water has become one of the most reliable  heating sources found today. With zero emissions and almost no maintenance, these systems are capable of producing enough ... (more)

Plug Into a Clean Future at Green Energy Summit 2008
Green energy and clean technologies, firmly positioned in the business mainstream as the next clean engine for economic growth, will be center stage in Bangalore, October 16-19 2008, at the inaugural energy conference and expo in Saltmarch Media's series of green energy initiatives. Green Energy Summit 2008 is expected to draw thousands of key influencers i ... (more)

Schneider Electric attracts ideas on Energy Efficiency in Innovation Challenge 2007
Schneider Electric India hosted the 3rd edition of Innovation Challenge on 17th December 2007. The theme for this year is ‘Energy Efficiency’. The idea behind this contest is to make students think ‘out of the box’ and come up with innovative solutions towards the different issues related to Energy & Automation sector and hence develop the budding engine ... (more)

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Keystone offers Wind Energy Insurance
Keystone Insurance, Ireland’s leading Construction Insurance brokers now offers a new service aimed at the rapidly growing wind energy sector. Using many of the worlds leading Insurers, Keystone Insurance can arrange specialised insurance cover for all aspect of On-Shore & Off-Shore Wind Farms. The service is aimed to meet growing demand among many inv ... (more)