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First Solar Photovoltaic Installation on Emory University Campus
A small array of six solar photovoltaic (PV) modules has been installed on the roof of a job-site trailer of Holder Construction Company on the campus of Emory University in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. The solar panels help power the construction of Emory’s New Psychology Building at 36 Eagle Row. This 1000W solar PV system, supplied to Holder Construction Co ... (more)

Install A Tankless Or Solar Water Heater To Save Energy Costs
Stanton Homes, a Triangle area custom home builder, today offered a list of local manufacturers and vendors for purchase and installation of tankless and solar water heaters for homeowners and new home buyers interested in finding a way to save energy costs and reduce reliance on electricity or natural gas. “Heating water takes up to 25% of the energy needed ... (more) calculate the sunshine your residence receives
Buying real estate is now no longer just a choice made with your heart. It seems clear that in the future, all of us will someday have reason to turn to renewable energies, such as solar energy. So when you buy your house or apartment, how do you know if this investment can be exploited for an ecological heating system? What is the optimal orientation and lo ... (more)

Silicon Solar SunMaxx hot water heater
Solar hot water heaters have been around for centuries providing millions of people with hot water for various applications. With the improvement of technologies in this industry, solar hot water has become one of the most reliable  heating sources found today. With zero emissions and almost no maintenance, these systems are capable of producing enough ... (more)