Silicon Solar SunMaxx hot water heater

19 dicembre 2007

Solar hot water heaters have been around for centuries providing millions of people with hot water for various applications. With the improvement of technologies in this industry, solar hot water has become one of the most reliable  heating sources found today. With zero emissions and almost no maintenance, these systems are capable of producing enough energy to heat your household and domestic water.

The SunMaxx tubes are also capable of being used in larger solar energy systems such as commercial hot water heating applications. Several customers have used an array of SunMaxx collector’s residential complex hot water heating with an auxiliary boiler system. Flexibility has never been a problem with any of the SunMaxx products whether you are located in central New York or sunny California, we have a product that fits your needs.

Now everyone can get a complete system for your hot water needs, by purchasing a Pre-Packaged system, which includes everything you need to get started with solar hot water heating, eliminating the need to shop multiple places to get all the components for a complete system. A complete solar hot water heating system typically includes solar collectors, hot water storage tank, expansion vessel, system controller, and circulator pump(s).

We also include the basic installation guides which allow you to install your collector on your existing heating system whether it is electric or gas powered furnace/boiler.

Solar hot water systems, like the SunMaxx, are feasible for anyone who has approximately 84 sq ft (two 7ft x 6ft collectors) of south facing area on their roof, or clear land. Additionally, with current federal and state incentives for the purchase and installation of solar hot water systems, there really is not a better time to take a look at systems like the SunMaxx to save some money today.

James S. Describes the SunMaxx as “one of the best systems he has seen on the market.”

John H, a customer in Florida says “we have the best sales and Technical support. For all your solar hot water needs go and see the sales team at Silicon Solar. They are ready with all the help you’re going to need.”

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