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19 dicembre 2007

Buying real estate is now no longer just a choice made with your heart. It seems clear that in the future, all of us will someday have reason to turn to renewable energies, such as solar energy. So when you buy your house or apartment, how do you know if this investment can be exploited for an ecological heating system? What is the optimal orientation and location for building an eco-house? Could you take advantage of sunny afternoons to heat a living room, a bedroom, or offices with a picture window? Will you have to consider installing blinds to protect against the sun's rays? These are a few important questions to ask–questions that the new Sun-Time website will be able to answer.

Sun-Time is a one-of-a-kind service. It lets you determine the sunshine duration for properties using GPS and astronomical calculations.

Quick, fun, and simple to use! This new online service is currently available in English and French. It will soon be available in German and Spanish as well, in response to strong international demand.

In just three clicks, Sun-Time provides precise, real-time information on the annual hours of sunshine of a particular spot, whether a facade, a balcony, a garden, a window, a pool, or even a roof. But Sun-Time also lets you obtain the position of the sun in the sky visible from a given spot, according to the date and time of your choice, and even allows you to compare the location with the potential sunshine duration of the region where the property is located. This sophisticated tool also has an option to refine the data according to potential obstacles that could conceal the sun, like a hill or a building. Consequently, the user obtains customized

Since its official launch in Cannes at the end of September, the site has seen great success in Europe. In fact, the intense development of the solar energy sector and the awareness of the general public about energy conservation further support the company in its development prospects.

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