First Solar Photovoltaic Installation on Emory University Campus

15 luglio 2008
A small array of six solar photovoltaic (PV) modules has been installed on the roof of a job-site trailer of Holder Construction Company on the campus of Emory University in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

The solar panels help power the construction of Emory’s New Psychology Building at 36 Eagle Row. This 1000W solar PV system, supplied to Holder Construction Company by Southern Energy Solutions (SoEnSo) of Marietta, Georgia, will generate an estimated average of 112kWh per month of electricity.

In Georgia, approximately sixty-four percent of the fuel mix used by utilities to generate electricity is coal (Source: U. S. EPA). By partially powering the construction of Emory’s New Psychology building with a mere 112kWh per month of clean, solar-generated electricity, Holder Construction’s new solar PV system will have these positive effects on the environment:

• Prevent an estimated 2,183 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year

• Is comparable to about 2.3 barrels of oil not imported for a year

• Is the equivalent to roughly 1/4 acre of pine forest storing carbon for a year

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