Innovative, Space-Saving Water Purifier Flows Into Marketplace

21 dicembre 2007
Innovative, Space-Saving Water Purifier Flows Into Marketplace

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Pureez is releasing a high-tech countertop water purifier that allows consumers to drink purified water at the temperature and amount they choose - from the convenience of their kitchen countertops. As the Natural Resources Defense Council continues to speculate about the safety of bottled water products and the effects they have on the environment, Pureez breaks into the industry with an artistic filtration unit that uses ultraviolet rays to kill microbes in tap water.

Pureez filters tap water through a "point of use" system with a double-active carbon filter and 0.6 micron filter. It eliminates the need to lug heavy bottles and is the only countertop bottle-less tap water purifier that can produce water at a variety of temperatures - from ice-cold to boiling.

"Pureez is dedicated to its customers' health concerns and protecting the environment," says Pureez director of marketing, William Patsy. "Our machines provide pure, unpolluted water without the hassle and spillage of plastic water bottles and unnecessary landfill waste. One of our main goals was to develop a water purifier that protects our environment. We offer superior machines that meet this need at sensible prices."

Pureez is sleek, sophisticated and available in six eye-catching colors. Patsy says, "Our coolers are designed to look as good as pure water makes you feel. We believe coolers should be compact enough to be a welcome addition to your home or office, and not an inconvenience."

Patsy adds that mothers in particular love Pureez. Feedback from mothers has shown that Pureez provides a fast and health-conscious option for on-demand boiled water to mix into infant cereal and prepare other infant foods. Furthermore, the "mix" button gives mothers control over finding the proper water temperature for infant formula.

Weighing in at 31 pounds, Pureez can fit easily on most countertops, measuring a space-saving 13.7 inches high, 11.4 inches wide and 13.7 inches deep. Pureez can deliver up to 40 cups of cool water (39-57 degrees F) or 50 cups of hot water (197-204 degrees F) within one hour's time, depending on the users' needs.

Pureez comes with a self-installation kit for easy set-up next to a refrigerator or sink, or customers can call to arrange professional installation.

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