Costs of prefabricated houses Haus Wolf

07 settembre 2009
Costs of prefabricated houses Haus Wolf

Costs of prefabricated houses Haus Wolf

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Our previous articles on the cost of prefabricated houses in Italy are enjoying much success, and this should make us reflect the responsanili marketing companies. Very often the companies themselves have no difficulty to promote widely the prices of homes in the German sites, but very difficult to find some information about it on Italian sites.

The reluctance to give indications on the cost of a prefabricated house is poorly understood, also because it serves no purpose other than to cause confusion.

Among the several readers who have written on this, Anna has seen fit to send the prices of some models turnkey homes Wolf Haus. This is certainly a useful contribution, also because Wolf Haus is certainly a very popular manufacturer in our country.

Here are the prices of houses listed in email Wolf Haus Anna

GRAZIA_154 € 210,700
Grace (photo 1) is a detached one-storey typical Italian style. The house boasts stylish finishes and volumes proportionate, and has a gross area of 160 square meters, while the usable area is 109.7 square meters.

MERITO_169 € 221,000
It 'a variant of the previous model, with which it shares the size (Photo 2).

SOLIDA_721 € 185,600
Sound is a more alpine-style house, two floors with a total usable area of 111.2 square meters.

This is therefore a cost of houses is nearing the threshold of 2,000 euros per square meter walk-over, which makes the investment of a prefabricated house in Italy is not affordable for all budgets, although in this case it is homes that boast an excellent quality of finishes and materials.

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