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Australia: Energy Efficient Homes, Ceiling Insulation in 2.7 Million Homes
To support jobs and set Australia up for a low carbon future the Rudd Government will install free ceiling insulation in around 2.7 million Australian homes.This investment will support the jobs of tradespeople and workers employed in the manufacturing, distri ... (more)

Putting heat into skirting: An Eco Revolution in Energy Efficient Room Heating
A unique, innovative and energy efficient way of heating your room is now available in the South West through Known as ThermaSkirt the system replaces your skirting boards and radiators in one. The effect is indistinguishable from underfloor heating in that it heats the room from all sides and at low level, and yet it is as simple t ... (more)

GE Roofing System Available from North Central Insulation
There are many roofing materials and techniques available in today’s market but few of them can compare to the extraordinarily reliable and rugged system from GE. GE – one of America’s most respected companies – developed its tough GE Roofing System decades ago. It is virtually unique in its applicability and its strength, and countless businesses, instituti ... (more)

An effective counter measure to prevent thermal bridges at balcony connections
Balconies and other cantilever construction elements which project through the building envelope and break the insulation layer are of course notorious for creating thermal bridges. When the outside temperature drops, the connection point of the cantilever element inside the building will also experience a dramatic temperature decrease, leading to mould and ... (more)