GE Roofing System Available from North Central Insulation

28 dicembre 2007
There are many roofing materials and techniques available in today’s market but few of them can compare to the extraordinarily reliable and rugged system from GE. GE – one of America’s most respected companies – developed its tough GE Roofing System decades ago. It is virtually unique in its applicability and its strength, and countless businesses, institutions, and homeowners have found it to be the best roofing investment they ever made. North Central Insulation, based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is proud to be able to offer this roofing system to its clients. Roofs are a major investment, and North Central Insulation knows that selecting the GE Roofing System is never a mistake.

North Central Insulation, a division of Hagen Decorators, Inc., was founded in 1959 and has been installing foam roofing systems since 1969. The General Electric Silicone Roofing System approved them for GE Roofing Systems installation in 1972. There are few companies who have such long experience with GE Roofing Systems; North Central Insulation has done the job for decades, and is proud that they win awards annually for the work they do with this specialized roofing product.

The GE Roofing System is special because it is highly efficient, can be installed over pre-existing roofs, is fast to install, and is durable beyond normal, expected roofing lifespans. It is a self-flashing system which means that leaking is virtually unheard of; additionally, issues relating to heat transfers, a common problem with traditional roofing materials, are all but non-existent with the GE Roofing System.

The GE Roofing System is environmentally sound, Energy Star rated, and entirely permanent. In the event that the roofing is damaged through a storm or other unexpected event, the roof is easily repaired. The durability of the GE Roofing System is well known. The impervious SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam) creates a strong barrier that stands up to moisture, chemicals, and UV light.

North Central Insulation has been working with the GE Roofing System for such a long time that they are able to see clearly its long term advantages. Whether a flat or sloped roof needs to be recovered, the GE Roofing System is an excellent choice.

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