Putting heat into skirting: An Eco Revolution in Energy Efficient Room Heating

15 luglio 2008

A unique, innovative and energy efficient way of heating your room is now available in the South West through www.innocentearth.co.uk. Known as ThermaSkirt the system replaces your skirting boards and radiators in one.

The effect is indistinguishable from underfloor heating in that it heats the room from all sides and at low level, and yet it is as simple to fit as a radiator.

As it is as slim and discrete as a skirting board, it takes up no wall or floor space. Because it is above ground, it can be used with any floor covering including timber and carpet and warms up the room quickly.

Tests have shown that the overall temperature distribution is very similar to UFH and from a human perspective indistinguishable. The lack of draughts, and hot and cold spots and the even distribution means that systems can run cooler – and more efficiently- and the occupant still feels comfortable. Having said that, skirting radiators cannot heat a tile or marble floor so if you really have to walk around in your bare feet and feel the heat, some form of under tile heating may be the only choice for some!

Being a hot water system, skirting radiators can function perfectly well with conventional radiators such as towel or ladder radiators,
where they may be a desirable and more practical solution.
Corridors with many doors off them may not suit skirting radiators as the bridging kits required to continue the feed beyond and past the doorways may add to the complexity and installation costs unnecessarily.

In any event, being part of a hybrid system may suit many applications, and as they act like a radiator in terms of response time, can easily cope with the many varied climates the
British Isles experiences in a single day. And as a bonus as well as your heating system, you effectively get your skirting boards for ‘free’!

ThermaSkirt even connects to existing systems, and is ideal for both new build, extension and refurb. applications.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes and styles ThermaSkirt uses a unique aluminum alloy material that is 5 times more effective than steel at passing heat, and so can prove more economical to run than conventional systems.


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