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Binishells, the most ecological home ever built
The most ecological home ever built, seems too good to be true? Over the past two years, architect Nicolo Bini from Binishells Inc. has been working to evolve a radically innovative construction system first developed in the 1960's. (more)

The passive house from MIT
Under the auspices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (MIT), some student volunteers are working in the design and construction of a house whose only source of energy is the sun. (more)

The optimal orientation of a house
Whether you are planning to build a passive house, or that circled the better provision of a traditional house to be able to better exploit however sunlight in different periods of the year, will be very important to carefully evaluate the orientation of the v ... (more)

Living without heating with passive houses by Schwoerer
A Passive house by Schwörer offers everything you want from the house of their dreams: high quality architecture and design in a custom plant and absolutely no cost for heating. (more)

The ventilation in a passive house
One of the salient points of a house is the passive ventilation. Through normal ventilation which can be obtained by opening windows, in a traditional house disperses much heat. (more)

What is a Passive House?
A passive house is a building in which you can maintain a comfortable environment internal climatically throughout the year without resorting to active heating systems or air conditioning. (more)