The optimal orientation of a house

12 dicembre 2007
The optimal orientation of a house

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Whether you are planning to build a passive house, or that circled the better provision of a traditional house to be able to better exploit however sunlight in different periods of the year, will be very important to carefully evaluate the orientation of the various rooms and especially windows and glass surfaces.

In a passive house, most of the energy demand is covered by contributions from solar, and it is therefore essential orientation of the main facade on the south side. The main front to the south will also have a glass surface equal to 40% of the total surface of the facade, to better exploit the product dall'illuminazione solar heat during the winter months. A large area no significant advantages with respect heating during the winter, but could cause excessive overheating during the summer.

Just south exposure windows main exposure is preferable to the west for what concerns the heat of summer: If it is true that the south side receives the maximum radiation in the winter, when it is most in demand, it is equally true and during the summer, when the sun is high and its rays affect acute angle on the planet's surface, the house is not irradiated.

Instead, a window-oriented west, while not improving much energy balance winter, contributes significantly to global warming during the summer openings on the west side should be contained and equipped with effective shading systems.

The north side should have few windows, because it is here that we concentrate more heat during the winter, and even in other periods of the input light provided by windows on the north will be unimportant.

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