Binishells, the most ecological home ever built

06 aprile 2010
Binishells, the most ecological home ever built

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The most ecological home ever built, seems too good to be true? Over the past two years, architect Nicolo Bini from Binishells Inc. has been working to evolve a radically innovative construction system first developed in the 1960's.

The base technology of this construction system has been tested and proved in 23 countries, and the result could play a major role in the housing of the worlds poor. Binishells will provide affordable construction that drastically reduces environmental impact, while improving the quality and nature of our communities.

Updates to the original technology are focused on architectural flexibility, construction and material technology, simplicity of construction, international code of compliance and environmental impact. Binishells do not require factories for prefabrication or any heavy machinery for assembly. As a system, it is highly flexible and applicable to low cost housing, public infrastructure projects such as schools, community buildings, hospitals and airports or as high-end housing and resort projects.

The Binishells may be the most innovative new system for construction since the introduction of prefabrication in the late 1800s. This patented technology in based on the radical notion of replacing formwork and heavy machinery with air. The system, developed by Dr. Dante Bini in the 60’s uses low air pressure to lift and shape wet concrete and reinforcing steel. More than 1,600 buildings have been built using this system in 23 countries. The system has been recently improved, rendered more environmental and architecturally flexible. Today Binishells use 80% less materials, have 95% of the embodied CO2 and have a carbon footprint 80% smaller than traditional construction.

Some statistics for the system are listed below:

Greener - reducing carbon footprints by approx. 3/4
Cheaper - reducing cost by an average of 50%
Faster - reducing construction schedules by 2/3
Stronger - able to resist earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and floods
Flexible - infinite variety of shapes uses, scales and finishes

The Binishells prototype is scheduled for Q1 of 2010 and will be constructed in the Southern California desert. The home will be the most ecological home ever built, combining the revolutionary Binishells construction system with cutting edge materials and environmental technologies.

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