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The advantages of prefabricated wooden houses
Many readers write to us because they have well understood the advantages of wooden houses than those built with traditional construction called, or cement and bricks. In other countries, such as here in Australia where we are writing, the wooden buildings rep ... (more)

Prefabricated House O Sole Mio GriffnerHaus
More than a house is a statement of style and personality. Never a prefabricated house impressed us both with an innovative design but very functional, clean lines and at the same time a very strong personality. (more)

Prefabricated wooden houses Haas-Fertigbau landed in Sicily
One of the main criticisms of the various manufacturers of prefabricated wooden houses is definitely the geographical distribution centered mainly in the provinces of North Italy. (more)

Wallfit House, as fast as a prefabricated house but solid
Solid house or prefabricated house? Solid houses are characterised by a long lifespan, low maintenance costs and comfort of living. Prefabricated houses, on the other hand, are characterised by a short construction period in particular and a good cost-benefit ... (more)

Nordenstrom Custom Homes recognized for marketing excellence
Nordenstrom Custom Homes of Mora, Minn., a Wausau Homes builder, won two first-place awards during the 2007 Excellence in Marketing competition sponsored by the Building Systems Councils (BSC), a council of the National Association of Home Builders. (more)

Prefabulous: The House of Your Dreams Delivered Fresh from the Factory
If you're thinking prefab means small, drab or boxy, it’s time to think again.  Today prefab means customized, beautifully designed homes in a wide variety of architectural styles. (more)

French designer Jean Prouvé's prefab house sold in NYC to hotelier
Prototype Maison Tropicale, a prefabricated house of bent steel and aluminum sheets created by French designer Jean Prouvé, was sold at auction to hotelier Andre Balazs for $4.9 million (¤3.63 million). Balazs, who owns Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, The Mercer in New York and The Raleigh in Miami, placed the winning bid of $4,968,000 (¤3,676,460) f ... (more)

Company Profile: Top Housing prefabricated homes
Top Housing Group is a Swedish leader in Scandinavia in the manufacture of prefabricated buildings and exist in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Top Housing develops and sells prefabricated houses all over the world for about three decades, including building ... (more)

Living Homes: prefabricated homes with style
The company we are talking about today is a new entry in the market for prefabricated homes, and to distinguish decided to apply to a very specific niche, or that the architecture of the houses, that is made with particular attention to the style by architects ... (more)

Reinverbund builds wooden houses without nails or glue
No glue nor nails for the best houses in solid wood. In a market of wooden buildings in constant evolution are successfully imposing buildings in solid wood. Based on this technique houses are made increasingly with elements plans and large. (more)

Rubner Haus Flora: a blockhaus awards
The innovative design, the use of traditional building techniques in which the protagonist is solid wood and excellent relationship produttore-cliente during design and construction are the characteristics that have earned Flora of Rubner Haus a prestigious pr ... (more)

A prefabricated CasaClima for Africa
"The costs arising from the consumption of energy are not only a problem for those who live in industrialized countries, but also and especially for those who live in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet". (more)

The Cost of a wooden house
The cost to build or have built a house of wood can vary enormously Depending on the type of construction demand, the quality of materials and assembly, finishing, the choice of environmentally friendly products or less and other important parameters. (more)

Prefab Construction Breaks New Ground for Luxury Homes
Jeriko House, LLC Founder and CEO Shawn Burst announced today his company's entry into the Modular/Prefabricated Home Building Market. The New Orleans-based owner has developed a post-Katrina concept that he is convinced will revolutionize the building industr ... (more)

MetroShed PreFab Modern Pool House
MetroShed has launched the first mass-market pre-fab pool house which showcases their innovative design and flat pack construction methods. The 13 feet by 8 feet MetroShed Pool House is all new. (more)

Company Profile: Haas Fertighaus
The Haas Group, founded in 1971, is one of the main players in the field of prefabricated buildings in Europe, with its 25 locations scattered throughout Europe where about 2,850 employees work. (more)

Company Profile: GriffnerHaus
As always, when we describe a company trying to understand its philosophy, the concepts behind the products on sale. In the case of GriffnerHaus you understand immediately that their achievement has been conceived and designed to have a healthier life, and abo ... (more)

Technology of wooden houses - Blockhaus
The Log system (technology for low-cost housing wooden blockhaus), which is particularly suitable for forest and mountain contexts, is a constructive economic system but slow, it requires careful project executive, large spaces in the pipeline and a good organ ... (more)

Rubner Haus Montemiele: best CasaClima 2005
Montemiele represents a housing project that shows how to create innovative architectural solutions in full compliance, both aesthetic and energy. Made in Falzes (BZ) from Rubner Haus-leader in the manufacture of prefabricated wooden houses, always been involv ... (more)