The Cost of a wooden house

11 dicembre 2007
The Cost of a wooden house

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The cost to build or have built a house of wood can vary enormously
Depending on the type of construction demand, the quality of materials and assembly, finishing, the choice of environmentally friendly products or less and other important parameters.

Usually, those who choose to live in a wooden house is not doing to reduce costs: buying single (which is the main type of prefabricated wooden houses) it is usually more expensive than an apartment.

That said, let's try to understand what can cost a wooden house, doing some examples of brands and types, although many of these manufacturers are not active on the Italian market.

Wood Haus ( offers several prefabricated houses, in kit to assemble themselves, from less than 30,000 euros. The house Venetien Haus, for example, has a total area of 112 square meters, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room, and is sold from 33,900 euros on crude. Even taking into account the cost of the plant, assembly and finishing, this beautiful viareggina on a single economic plan is definitely still considering the quality of materials and isolation. The cost per square meter is about 300 euros, but the total cost depends on the plants and finishing, as well as by labor unless provvedete yourself mounting.

If you prefer the security of a prefabricated house "turnkey", the cost rises a bit, but you can still find homes of interest to just over 100,000 euros: Pamela Domizil of Haus ( ) is a house on two floors with a total of 128 square meters and costs about 100,000 euros including the plan of reinforced concrete. The cost per square meter of this house-ready to be furnished - is therefore 780 euros.

These are just two examples, but should suffice to make the idea: the cost of a wooden house is not in the end very dissimilar to that of a traditional house, as in italy average fluctuates between 800 euros and 1,200 euros per meter A framework of the house and over. But as is often difficult to find a builder willing to build a small house at these prices, on the ground of the project and score, there are problems to choose one of the many prefabricated wooden houses offered by firms operating in italy, and especially the times costs are extremely low at the end (usually 3-4 months) and is almost always offer a guarantee of compliance with the final price agreed upon, which is practically be achieved primarily by building "in economics."

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