Living Homes: prefabricated homes with style

17 dicembre 2007
Living Homes: prefabricated homes with style

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The company we are talking about today is a new entry in the market for prefabricated homes, and to distinguish decided to apply to a very specific niche, or that the architecture of the houses, that is made with particular attention to the style by architects who treat every aspect and detail.

We now say that the result, in our humble opinion, is excellent: Living Homes prefabricated houses are beautiful and functional, bright and airy and practical environments. These villas of great aesthetic impact, modern and cost very interesting.

The only problem is that for now are sold only on the American market, and therefore can only be used to draw ideas or ideas.

All prefabricated homes Living Homes are made with natural products, non-toxic or whose production is not too harmful to the environment, to achieve the minimum environmental impact from the construction of each home.

The first house built from prefabricated Living Homes was designed by architect Ray Kappe, and installed last April 13. Later, the house has been certified "platinum" by the United States Green Building Council, the first house across the country to reach this level of respect for the environment.

The cost of a prefabricated house Living Homes

The prefabricated homes Living Homes can be standard or custom part in the structure. The price of a house ranges from 180 to 250 $ per square foot, a cost which must be added the 10/15% for the study and stylistic design, and costs for a building permit, transport, assembly and any foundations , which costs amount to about 70-90 $ per square foot (excluding design), and then from 2,700 to 3,600 $ per square meter.

A significant cost for a prefabricated house, but that includes finishes complete with floors, doors, windows, lighting and lighting, plumbing, kitchen full of appliances (including microwave and dishwasher), laundry with washing machine and dryer, realization of the gardens roof and in public areas, central heating and air conditioning, furnishing full bathrooms.

A development therefore far more comprehensive than that to which we are accustomed in Italy. Moreover, the costs affected by the large amount of glass surfaces from floor to ceiling, which must be of high quality to meet the stringent criteria of isolation required by the manufacturer.

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