Company Profile: Top Housing prefabricated homes

17 dicembre 2007
Company Profile: Top Housing prefabricated homes

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Top Housing Group is a Swedish leader in Scandinavia in the manufacture of prefabricated buildings and exist in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Top Housing develops and sells prefabricated houses all over the world for about three decades, including building schools, hotels, offices, industrial buildings and creating the furniture and interior fittings.

So this is a big group that leads the industrialization drive in the prefabricated construction sector, with its advantages of cost and quality.

The Top Housing Group, which also boasts quality certification ISO 9001:2000, offers a complete service of building houses and prefabricated buildings from the foundations to the roof, and at the request is able to design and implement services including heating, ventilation and conditioning, as well as electricity, while a team of architects and interior designers to assist customers for the eventual realization interior.

Where possible, and in accordance with local laws, Top Housing also performs systems and water treatment generators, thus making possible the construction of prefabricated buildings in areas not served by regular services.

Top Housing: quality buildings

Top Housing has a solid reputation as builder of homes and prefabricated buildings quality, and is able to send material from assemplare practically all over the world via ship. Once transported material on the ground, engineers and technicians to assist the Housing Top impresario taken by the customer during the assembly until the final.

Everything with the guarantee of fixed price, which includes the design, shipping and on-site supervision.

Building Systems

Top Housing realizes prefabricated buildings using two different building methods, depending on whether the final destination is a country with a hot or cold climate. For countries with cold climate you want to use a wood frame according to the traditional Scandinavian scheme, which combined with high frames insulation ensures a level of total isolation of very high. In this case you use heating systems, gas or electric, and the outer finish may vary from bricks faccia-vista wood.

In case of extremely hot climates instead using different materials to be adapted to any wet or dry climates, which also guarantee complete protection against termites, and there is obviously more attention on cooling systems and air conditioning.

More information:
Top Housing Group

PO Box 7501
200 42 Malmö, Sweden
Phone +46 4060041 00
Fax +46 40 29 01 51

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