Rubner Haus Montemiele: best CasaClima 2005

10 dicembre 2007
Rubner Haus Montemiele: best CasaClima 2005

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Montemiele represents a housing project that shows how to create innovative architectural solutions in full compliance, both aesthetic and energy.

Made in Falzes (BZ) from Rubner Haus-leader in the manufacture of prefabricated wooden houses, always been involved in the search for ecological systems and materials-house Montemiele, already rewarded all'edizione 2003 Prize for Architecture City of Oderzo (TV ) as an example of culture landscape, was a candidate for the Best Award in the category of CasaClima single buildings in the context of Klimahouse, the first exhibition dedicated building sustainable held in Bolzano from 26 to 29 January 2006.

Like all the houses Rubner Haus, Montemiele is primarily achieved in the awareness that building in harmony with nature means investing on their health. The house has been certified CasaClima A + as ecological house low energy consumption.
It is built in wood raw material for excellence that grows in nature loop, long-term and provided with exceptional quality termo-isolanti. Wood is also breathable, that triggers a natural ventilation through a continuous exchange of moisture with the external environment. Other materials used are natural and for the protection of wood parts are used only environmentally friendly products.

From the point of view of saving energy for heating, prefabricated homes RUBNER HAUS consume the 40% less than the traditional homes, but thanks to the walls' Alaska + '(alaska plus) in the house of Falzes these values are even further increased recording consume less than 30 kwh per square meter per year, when a traditional house consumes 120-150 kwh. He has a heat index of 0.17 Kcal / hC ° SM: less than half the heat of a brick wall built insulated from 40 cm, affecting much on heating costs. The house Montemiele consumes fact 3 liters of diesel for metroquadro year.

Designed by architects Gerhard Mahlknecht and Heinrich Mutschlechner (Studio MMA), the house is made up of two basic units: the roof suspended on steel pillars, which, in the end, is predominant and independence and the genuine home prepared on two floors with a total of 300 square meters. Unlike traditional constructive manner, thanks to the installation of the prefabricated wooden building was built soon were scheduled: 10 days in preparation for the company, 6 days for the assembly, 30 days for assembly work and finish, then immediately be inhabited.

The exterior is completely isolated from the heat thanks to the innovative and ecological system of walls Alaska + '(alaska plus) RUBNER HAUS ensuring optimal levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. To protect against rain and wind there is a further layer structure aereata that has been established to cover the strips Larch massive.

South side and shaded from the roof, a large front porch window modulates by solar energy, while a series of measures to prevent overheating summer:
• roof, whose boss is calculated on the basis of height diagram of the sun: for the shade to sun high in the summer and the sunshine, and then heating in winter to low position of the sun;
• heat exchangers terrestrial cools with the additional air;
• the shutters roll contributing also all'ombreggiatura.

The entire house is constantly supplied cool air through a system of aeration that during the cold season will enter preheated air through a heat exchanger (degree of efficiency: 85%). In this way only 15% of heat is lost during the change of the premises.

As heating is used a wood stove, respecting the environment that provides food with heat convectors the present floor in front of the window, the thermal panels installed in the walls and floor. Finally, a system for the exploitation of solar energy is to support the heating system.

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Wall Alaska +: with a funnel system for plumbing and electrical systems, the wall Alaska + apply a constructive system-made ecological materials of excellent quality or wood, cork, fiber plaster, plasterboard and hemp-panels over measure the thickness of 32 cm. This unique combination, as well as ensuring better insulation even in the presence of particularly low outside temperatures, took ownership antiacustiche that all recorded higher values in terms of isolation, improving the already excellent levels recognized the houses made from wood with RUBNER HAUS constructive more traditional systems.

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