Technology of wooden houses - Blockhaus

10 dicembre 2007
Technology of wooden houses - Blockhaus

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The Log system (technology for low-cost housing wooden blockhaus), which is particularly suitable for forest and mountain contexts, is a constructive economic system but slow, it requires careful project executive, large spaces in the pipeline and a good organization in the selection items.

The exterior finish is usually very rustic: given the thick of beads and their color tend dark, these houses are a little bright; also interior spaces are small and packed by the maximum length of the tables adoperabili. A natural feature of the tables is the progressive reduction in the moisture content, leading to the occurrence of cracks, twists and shrinkage: over time, it may be necessary to seal with silicone.

However, for wood, these circumstances should not be regarded as defects, indeed, help to define the character of the house, which in any case presents an exceptional strength and excellent internal insulation; being wood un'isolante natural-every perlina contains millions of small air pockets that retain heat in winter and cool in summer, irradiandoli inward-reduces the need for action on the walls with products such as mineral wool.

To remedy the phenomena of expansion and retreat typical wood, have developed two methods constructive: the first is represented by the rigid system in which every perlina is fixed to another, with a screw or nail, and the second is the system gravity, in which the tables are supported only one on a wall and create released, which however can also occur because of significant posts higher is the wall. To strengthen the security of joints is sometimes inserted between the foam board and the board.

As there is no air in the walls filled so much, that there is no reserve of oxygen that is spreading faster fire; tables burn slowly, according to their nature. The plants can be simple type bridge on demand or can be installed behind a controparete inside.

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