Company Profile: GriffnerHaus

10 dicembre 2007
Company Profile: GriffnerHaus

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As always, when we describe a company trying to understand its philosophy, the concepts behind the products on sale. In the case of GriffnerHaus you understand immediately that their achievement has been conceived and designed to have a healthier life, and above all to a concept of development harmonized with the environment.

GriffnerHaus builds prefabricated homes using products that reflect glis tandard ecological higher, and therefore helping to preserve a viable environment for future generations. Of course, the wood is the perfect building material for this philosophy, capable of combining traditions construction natural to the most modern scientific innovations and adapt to design ultra-modern and classical.

The houses GriffnerHaus are mainly wood and glass, and a perfect example of how these two materials can be adaptable comes from the buildings headquarters GriffnerHaus, built in the industrial area of Griffen, beautiful village of Carinthia, birthplace of famous writer Peter Handke and town famous for the cave of stalactites and stalagmites.

Precisely Griffen were built in wood and glass is the imposing building that houses the offices of GriffnerHaus, both large shed where they are designed and manufactured prefabricated houses ready for assembly.

The company can rely on the work on over 200 employees.

The history of GriffnerHaus

The GriffnerHaus was founded in 1982 by Ari Griffner, and immediately dealt the construction of wooden houses. The production was a success in Austria and abroad, and a few years after it was opened a new factory to broaden.

It is in 1990 that are built the first houses sample, and that of Nuremberg the GriffnerHaus arrives German market. In 1995 then Ari Griffner decided to design and implement even homes for low-cost housing, and that a study based design.

In 1997 GriffnerHaus began a collaboration with Matteo Thun, collaboration from which comes the famous house GriffnerHaus "O sole mio", which arouses the interest of many people working. From that collaboration was born the line "Design", which still characterizes much of the production.

The collaboration with Matthew Thum flows in 2001 in the new project "Sun two", which inaugurated a house in the park sample demonstration "Blaue Lagune" Vösendorf.

The following year is the sales office opened in italy, and in 2005 was founded GriffnerHaus Italien GmbH. Its headquarters is in Udine.

The materials of the houses GriffnerHaus

The structure of prefabricated homes GriffnerHaus is made with wood carriers, and is then covered with layers of material such as ecological and fiber soft. The remaining spaces between the beams carriers are filled with an insulating heat-based cellulose, which optimizes the thermal and acoustic insulation but maintains permeability steaming walls.

The facades can be further refined to plaster, in which case it is used a layer of cork to door plaster and contribute further isolation.

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