MetroShed PreFab Modern Pool House

10 dicembre 2007
MetroShed PreFab Modern Pool House

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MetroShed has launched the first mass-market pre-fab pool house which showcases their innovative design and flat pack construction methods.

The 13 feet by 8 feet MetroShed Pool House is all new. Brand new prefab construction techniques have been employed to make the MetroShed garden rooms stronger, more durable and have fewer parts - which makes it easier for customers to install.

MetroSheds can be used as living rooms, dining areas, home theaters, home offices, guest suites, dog houses, pool houses, kid's rooms, art studios or music studios. Modern Designer, David Ballinger stated, "The new version of the MetroShed is a testament to the MetroShed Movement - a group of modern-minded individuals that are enthusiastic that pre-fabricated structures are the way forward in modern architecture. We are continually amazed at the public response to the MetroShed and their desire to have modern architecture at affordable pricing. MetroShed is now a true pre-fab operation where we can mass produce the MetroShed modern pool house and lower the price significantly due to the economies of scale that pre-fabrication offers. The first version of MetroShed sold out within weeks and we're excited about our 2006 Pool House offering - a first in the industry. In addition we have made it possible to join multiple MetroSheds together without the need for complicated building processes."

MetroShed is a modern pool house masterpiece that is weatherproof, watertight and suitable for hot and cold climates. Its insulated pre-assembled wall panels and simple symmetrical post and beam construction makes it unique in the market place and great value to add extra space to a residence. If you like modern design and modern products by Phillipe Starck, Alessi, Karim Rashid, Marc Newson, Ross Lovegrove, Le Corbusier and read Dwell magazine you will love MetroSheds modern products.

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