Wallfit House, as fast as a prefabricated house but solid

06 aprile 2010
Wallfit House, as fast as a prefabricated house but solid

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Solid house or prefabricated house? Solid houses are characterised by a long lifespan, low maintenance costs and comfort of living. Prefabricated houses, on the other hand, are characterised by a short construction period in particular and a good cost-benefit ratio. With the advent of Wallfit's first solid house from the assembly line, home-builders no longer choose between these two construction methods anymore.

Wallfit combines the positive characteristics of solid house construction with the cost and time-saving characteristics of prefabricated house construction. The patented system is comprised of so-called Wallfit Climate Stones: chipped wood formwork blocks in combination with an insulating material, which are filled up with concrete. All modules such as doors, windows, roller shutter boxes, windowsills, electrical pre-installations, wall-mounted panel heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems, toilets, warm water, cold water and effluent piping or distribution boxes are already integrated.

"Prefabricated houses often suffer from the problem of inadequate wind-proofing. Further disadvantages are low heat retention and low sound insulation. Solid houses are expensive and take long to be constructed. A solid house combined with the benefits of a shorter building time and inexpensive erection of a prefabricated house - only Wallfit offers this combination", explains the inventor and patent holder, Hans-Peter Hagenmüller. The houses are planned and built individually, in accordance with the wishes, conceptions and requirements of the client.

The solid Wallfit modular home is built within only one week. After another one to two weeks it is ready to be wallpapered and the floors can be laid. The inspection by the German technical inspection agency, TÜV, encompasses both the manufacture and the erection of the houses, which means additional security for home-builders, architects and building contractors.

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