Prefabricated wooden houses Haas-Fertigbau landed in Sicily

12 aprile 2010
Prefabricated wooden houses Haas-Fertigbau landed in Sicily

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One of the main criticisms of the various manufacturers of prefabricated wooden houses is definitely the geographical distribution centered mainly in the provinces of North Italy. Fertigbau-Haas has now shown that the advantages of wood as a material of choice for the construction of prefabricated houses are not exclusively in the Alps or North Italy, however, going to build even in Sicily.

That made by Haas-Fertigbau is the first prefabricated wooden house on the island, and it is a chalet with a plan for 113.35 square meters with single pitched roof built on the coast near Syracuse.

The house was built by Haas-Fertigbau advanced to the state of crude, with exterior walls ThermoProtect using the system, a frame structure in spruce and wood fiber insulation. The U value obtained is 0.18 W / m² K, and the house has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a generous kitchen and large living room.

Finishes see the use of wooden windows with aluminum exterior cladding ideal for the conditions of closeness to the sea.

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