Start The New Year With Water Damage Do's and Don'ts

02 gennaio 2008
To help consumers prepare for storms in the new year, Water Damage Team has composed a list of water damage and extraction do’s and don’ts.

To begin the new year the Water Damage Team has compiled the following list of Water Damage Restoration and Water Extraction Do’s and Don’ts, which is also available on the company’s website. The list features tips and advice that most people probably wouldn’t think of in an emergency situation.

“It’s important to be prepared for a water damage emergency. You never know when you will need to be prepared to deal with a water related problem,” claims David Beavers, owner of the Water Damage Team. “Time is of the essence when facing a water emergency. To begin the new year I encourage everyone to review these simple do’s and don’ts so you can be prepared if you find yourself with a water damage emergency.”

Don’t – Leave books or other paper materials such as newspapers or cardboard boxes on water damaged areas.

Do – Identify the source of the incoming water and stop it. If you can’t stop it on your own call a water extraction and removal professional as soon as possible.

Don’t – Leave any electronic items such as televisions or computers in water-damaged areas; move them to a dryer location as soon as water damage occurs.

Do – Keep the temperature under 68 degrees, if you turn the heat up past 68 degrees it will encourage mildew growth.

Don’t – Use an electric heater or dryer to extract water from carpets. They will dry the surface of the carpet but the padding will still be wet.

Do – Dry standing water on top of hard surfaces such as wood floors with towels or a shop vacuum.

Don’t – Don't attempt to remove carpet or padding. A water damage professional should be consulted to decide the best course of action.

Do – Call the professionals at The Water Damage Team at the first sign of an water damage emergency at 800-533-0626. The Water Damage Team has local specialists across the nation who can dispatched a team to your location in 30 minutes or less. Call 24/7 365 days a year to get professional help and avoid further damage.

The Water Damage Team has years of experience in providing water damage restoration and water extraction repair services to families nationwide. They use the most effective water removal and industrial cleanup methods to ensure the fastest water removal services possible. Their local help teams can arrive within 30 minutes or less and can assist you with your water damage restoration today.

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