Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

23 gennaio 2008
Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

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Set in the context of the European Unionís commitment to change the landscape of energy in Europe, the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign is a communication platform which will contribute to the achievement of EU energy policy goals and targets in the fields of Renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean transport and alternative fuels.

The specific objectives of the Campaign are to raise awareness of decision-makers at local, regional, national and European level, spread best practice, ensure a strong level of public awareness, understanding and support, and stimulate the necessary trends towards an increase in private investment in sustainable energy technologies.

The two key instruments within the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign are the Sustainable Energy Partnerships and the Sustainable Energy Associates. The Campaign Partnerships are designed to actively involve and promote a wide range of sustainable energy projects/programmes. By incorporating these initiatives into a common dissemination action, the aim is to ensure greater visibility and more efficient spread of know-how on sustainable energy implementation at a European level. Regarding the Campaign Associates, these are major and well-established umbrella and network organisations involving sustainable energy actors that are able to offer a range of multiplier actions through their various and effective communication channels. They have a clear vocation of serving public interest or representing the interest of industrial sectors.

The Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign also includes two major events: the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) and the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition.

The EUSEW is the key reference for sustainable energy issues in Europe. The events organised during EUSEW cover key topics that highlight the multi-sectoral nature of sustainable energy development and stress the need for everyone to work together towards a common goal; from renewable energy sources to energy efficiency, from EU policy to local action, from distributed energy to planning, from technologies to markets, from legislation to behaviour to education, from buildings to transport.

As for the annual Awards Competition, this event is an integral part of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. It provides an invaluable opportunity to highlight the successes of the most outstanding, ambitious and innovative programmes or actions and to reward those Sustainable Energy Partners most worthy of recognition and praise. The winners are awarded during a prestigious ceremony, which helps publicise the objectives of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign to the wider public. The winning projects will be promoted to the press and showcased as examples of excellence, inspiring energy actors outside the Campaign and providing models to guide and stimulate more recently established partnerships.

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