Helmer Risk Selected by Minnesota-Based Alternative Energy Co.

28 gennaio 2008

Citing Scott Helmer's energy industry expertise, his Midwestern roots and the value-added services his company Helmer Risk Management, LLC (http://www.helmerrisk.com) can provide, Minnesota-based Greenbelt Resources Corporation (http://www.greenbeltresources.com) has chosen Helmer Risk to handle all insurance and risk assessment needs for Greenbelt Resources and its subsidiary, Diversified Ethanol Corporation (http://www.diversifiedethanol.com).

"Greenbelt Resources is at the forefront of developing effective and economical alternative energy technologies in the U.S.," stated Helmer, president and CEO of Helmer Risk, a Phoenix-based provider of specialized insurance brokerage and risk management solutions for the energy and construction industries. "We look forward to helping Greenbelt Resources and Diversified Ethanol meet their insurance and risk management needs now and into the future. We are particularly gratified to have this opportunity to expand our ever-growing client base in Minnesota and other Midwestern states."

With a goal of lessening dependence on foreign oil, Greenbelt Resources maintains a sharp focus on research, development and implementation of products and services to help relieve the energy crunch in the U.S. As part of that commitment, the company founded Diversified Ethanol, a wholly owned subsidiary that manufactures and installs small modular ethanol plants that utilize a farmers' feedstock at the site, eliminating the need to transport it to a larger plant.

Though relatively safe, ethanol refining presents several significant risks that need to be managed properly, Helmer explained, especially in relation to property, general liability and pollution liability. Any insurance and risk management program designed for the companies needed to be scalable and adaptable-and, said Greenbelt Resources chairman and CEO Robert Johnson, Helmer Risk created just such a program for his companies. What's more, Scott Helmer's familiarity with the Midwest - he hails from Chicago - was an added advantage.

"Helmer and his team quickly and accurately assessed our needs in the rapidly changing field of alternative energy, then came up with a decisive plan to help Greenbelt Resources manage the risks involved with our company,"
Johnson stated.

Along with insurance and risk management services, Helmer Risk will also provide contract reviews and design and assist in implementing contractor enrollment protocols and loss control measures for both Greenbelt Resources and Diversified Ethanol.

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