Freedom Of Creation: new standards in sustainable design at IMM Cologne 2009

27 gennaio 2009
Freedom Of Creation (FOC), on the heels of success generated for ‘Riot’ during the London design festival, demonstrates the complex microcosm of sustainable innovation in ‘Riot’ for the Cologne IMM design fair. 

First shown in the Fall of 2008, ‘Riot’ lamp designed by Janne Kyttanen has lived up to its name, generating a true “riot” of world-wide interest since its launch.  To compliment the success of this new lamp and other FOC creations, FOC has chosen Cologne for introducing its new German agent "Now Is Here".

‘Riot’ lamp (table, floor and wall mount versions) is the first FOC-Megaman(R) collaboration and draws admirers into a microcosm of world events that incite the consideration of planetary issues.  The lamp is made in nylon (polyamide) using layer manufacturing technologies and is sold with Megaman(R) CFL energy saving bulbs.  These bulbs are included in ‘Riot’ at no extra price to the consumer, and are available in both 2700 Kelvin warm white similar to halogen, and 3000 Kelvin white normally used in fluorescent solutions. 

Janne Kyttanen, designer and founder of FOC, explains some of the ‘Riot’ philosophy: "I was inspired to create a lighting design that would illuminate a myriad of themes that have affected the world both in the past and today – themes that have motivated man in both the protection and destruction of Earth.  Much of the symbolism within the shade could be considered an incitement, but the intent is to create a “riot” that inspires people to consider the world around them and – even if only in a small way – to start cleaning up. I do not want to ride the commercial wave of saving the planet – others have and can make a much larger impact – and neither do I think that one lamp will change the world. But if we are inspired to clean up our waste – this can only be a good thing for everyone."  Kyttanen concludes, tongue in cheek, "With this in mind, ‘Riot’ will be sold as a limited edition until the global warming issue is resolved."

‘Riot’ is the first FOC product which only works with Megaman(R) CFL energy saving bulbs.  FOC and Megaman(R) are also currently collaborating in the technical development of future FOC branded sustainable solutions.

FOC celebrates the Age of Illumination with ‘Filament’ light
The perfect complement to ‘Riot’ is ‘Filament’ light, designed by Janne Kyttanen and an elegant celebration of light.  Its stylish radiance pays graceful homage to our history and a way of illumination that may soon be a thing of the past.

Filaments were one of the outstanding inventions following the Age of Illumination… a natural manifestation of an era marked by enlightenment.  'Filament' gives  tribute to 19th century explorers: creators of the first electrical light bulb made with carbon and tungsten filaments, and whose discoveries have inevitably led to new technologies that might one day make their original designs obsolete.

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