ECOS Japan Consult - German Eco Housing Initiative

10 dicembre 2007
Ecological and health aspects have become more and more important for Japanese architects, prefab house makers, general contractors ,and house owners. The reason is the shortage of ressources, the need to decrease CO2 emissions on the one hand and the so-called „sick house syndrom“ on the other hand. The Japanese government has reacted with subsidy programs and revision of existing standards like the Building Standard Law in April 2003.

The current interest in Japan in sustainable and healthy building and living is an ideal chance for the German industry and research institutes to make their potential known in Japan. The „German Eco Housing Initiative“, a group of German companies and research institutes in the whole field of sustainable housing is aiming at using this chance.
The initiative has already gained support from the German side (German Ministry of Economics, German Ministry of the Environment) and the Japanese side (Ministry of Economiy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport).

In the next months, the following events are planned:

• Folder and CD-ROM with information on sustainable building and product information in Japanese language
• Company mission to Japan (February 12 to 19, 2005)
• German Booth at Japan Home & Building Show in November 2005 in Tokyo
• Symposium on "Sustainable and Healthy Building and Housing" in Japan in February 2006
• German Booth at Japan Home & Building Show in November 2006 in Tokyo
• German Booth at Japan Home & Building Show in November 2007 in Tokyo
• Planned: opening of a "German Eco Housing Information Center" in Japan with representative office, exhibition, and model house.

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